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Managing SharePoint components

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Axceler has released Version 3.8 of ControlPoint, which, in addition to routine maintenance updates, adds value by managing more SharePoint components, supporting bulk operations capabilities and enhanced reporting functionality.

Among the 3.8 update release enhancements are the following:

  • comprehensive management of additional SharePoint components, including Alerts, Content Types and Lists;
  • more enterprisewide usage reporting from the Web Application, down to the item level;
  • support for bulk operations with PowerShell Cmdlets, Web services controls and the ability to easily copy to multiple destinations;
  • more robust management of the SharePoint audit data; and
  • new features to provide site administrators with even more capabilities, including additional support for more detailed reporting and analysis at the site level to all sub-sites and the ability to select any set of folders and/or items, making granular choices easier to specify when needed.

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