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Kicking up content analysis

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Content Analyst has released 3.2 of its Conceptual Search and Text Analytics software, which incorporates technology licensed from dtSearch.

New features in Version 3.2 include:

  • combined conceptual and keyword (Boolean) search;
  • automatic clustering and categorization to identify and organize very large volumes of conceptually related documents;
  • cross-lingual capabilities (i.e., searching across different languages without translation), without the need for add-ons to support multiple languages;
  • document filters to analyze hundreds of different document types, from older legacy files to latest document and e-mail formats;
  • extensive application programming interfaces (APIs) for Web services, allowing easy OEM integration into larger solutions;
  • support for traditional deployment as well as software-as-a-service implementations; and
  • an intuitive user interface incorporating AJAX and other techniques for out-of-the-box search capabilities.

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