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It's all about the customer

Interwoven has introduced what it says is the first offering of its kind designed to enable enterprises to automate the customer experience management process. Its Customer Experience Solution (CES) is designed to enhance that capability from the creation of customer-facing content all the way through to the publishing of that content across all customer touch points including the Web, mobile devices, contact centers, e-mail, retail stores, printed collateral, television advertisements, etc.

The company says CES enables companies to:
Strengthen customer loyalty—By providing higher-quality customer interactions, enterprises can keep customers more satisfied, decrease defections, increase sales growth and optimize lifetime customer value.

Achieve unified brands, messages and corporate image—Enterprises can achieve a consistent customer experience across all touch points and all geographies, so customers receive information that is accurate and up-to-date, no matter what channels they use or where they live.

Accelerate worldwide product launches and promotions—By supporting all processes from collaborative creation through global publishing, the Interwoven solution enables enterprises to create customer content that can be used immediately around the world.

Optimize customer process efficiencies—The Interwoven solution automates manual processes, prevents redundant work and optimizes efficiency, often enabling enterprises to reduce the costs of providing customer information by 70 percent or more.

Provide regulatory compliance and security—The Interwoven solution enables compliance with government regulations and corporate standards, including privacy directives for customer data and transaction records, protecting companies against legal exposure and security breaches.

More information is available here.

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