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Illuminating knowledge

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First Light Communications introduces the Cornerstone Solutions Knowledgebase, a knowledge management tool designed to allow companies to effectively share employees’ experience and expertise. First Light reports the browser-based software enables authorized users in an organization—or in collaborative ventures between organizations—to access an expanding, secure online database of knowledge contributed by other users.

First Light says the Knowledge Notification Function is one of the system’s key components, instantaneously transmitting a request for knowledge to the appropriate expert, or group of experts, who can quickly and easily answer the query. “Member Notification” automatically transmits the response to the questioner. Other members of the organization can also sign up to be notified when knowledge is added about topics in which they are interested.

Other tools in First Light’s Cornerstone Solutions suite of collaborative applications include the Cornerstone Community Builder and Cornerstone Scheduler. Features such as discussion groups, customizable branding and sub-branding, banner ad rotation, polls and surveys, user tracking, news feeds, automatic translation into other languages, scheduling functionality, and automated newsletter distribution can be easily added, First Light says.

The Cornerstone Knowledgebase is the initial tool to be released from First Light’s new suite of collaborative applications.

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