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From Russia with results

With technology originating in Russia, Quintura has introduced Version 1.0 of Quintura Search, which the company claims finds relevant results from the Web faster than Google, Yahoo and MSN through its "One-Click Search" technique.

The company says it facilitates creating personalized user and shared personalized search scopes offering a visual map of related tags or a context-based "tag cloud." Quintura reports that its new product offers tags or hints contextually related to a keyword, helping to specify the context or the meaning of the keyword. Adding or subtracting tags from the query using the visual map of tags and a single mouse click allows a user to specify the context or meaning of the keyword. It therefore narrows the search and allows finding relevant information faster even if it has low ranking and is not displayed on the first pages of search results, Quintura claims.

The company adds that users can:

* create a personalized search scope using tags related to a search query,

* make search scope more specific and personalize the scope by adding or subtracting tags using a visual map,

* refine search results removing search links or web-sites from the result list,

* save the search scope as a file and share it with others, and

* monitor new information becoming available on the Web related to personal interests of the user.

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