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Finding the right information access method

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Attivio has presented Active Intelligence Engine (AIE) Version 3.0, which it says takes unified information access to a more personalized level by supporting the right access method for every enterprise user.

Attivio AIE 3.0, through its Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and newly announced Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers and full SQL support, seamlessly integrates with any business intelligence tool, according to the company. That brings the rich context of unstructured contents to users of BI, visualization and analysis tools, Attivio says.

The new version offers the following:

  • SQL via ODBC and JDBC to add unstructured content and text analytics to any BI infrastructure;
  • Active Dashboard Toolkit for quick creation of unified, discovery-enabled analytic dashboards;
  • dynamic integration of sources like SharePoint, Documentum, Exchange, etc.;
  • Google-like searchability, as well as SQL-powered dashboards; and
  • schema-less design that cuts the time it takes to onboard new sources.

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