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Federated e-discovery

Kazeon Systems has launched new federation, unified analysis and review features for Information Center, the company's e-discovery solution.

Kazeon reports Information Center is designed to reduce e-discovery costs for global enterprises with distributed locations by eliminating the requirement to transfer huge amounts of data across wide area networks (WANs) or shipping physical disk drives between locations. Information Center further offers a unified view of targeted and relevant documents for e-discovery analysis and review, says Kazeon. In-place legal hold is supported through the company's KazHold capabilities.

Kazeon highlights these additional features of federated e-discovery:

  • early case assessment and first-pass review across remote offices and branch offices;
  • elimination of unnecessary data movement and subsequent reduction in network load and impact on network bandwidth resources;
  • distributed search across enterprises without redundancies for further review, analytics and workflow; and
  • automated, policy-based tagging and review for legal professionals within a central console.

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