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Document management for multiple repositories

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Developer of flexible cloud, on-premise and hybrid content/document management software M-Files has released Version 9.0 of its namesake solution. The company says M-Files 9.0 features enhanced interaction and cooperation between multiple document repositories, giving businesses the ability to organize documents and other content along geographic or functional boundaries.

New replication capabilities in M-Files 9.0 include:

  • cloud-based backup of an on-premise repository (or vice versa);
  • replication of data between two or more sites;
  • publishing select content from a corporate on-premise repository to a cloud-based project repository accessible by external partners, vendors or clients;
  • moving content and information from an active repository to an archive repository for long-term retention; and
  • collecting information from multiple distributed repositories to one centralized enterprise repository.

M-Files says that in addition to advanced support for multiple document and content vault deployments, M-Files 9.0 offers a variety of new features and enhancements related to mobile access, search, paper document capture and OCR, publishing and collaboration, ease of use and more. The beta version of M-Files 9.0 is currently available, with the official launch scheduled for late September 2012.

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