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Dizzion Expands End User Computing Services

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Dizzion, an end user computing (EUC) provider specializing in virtualization solutions including cloud-delivered desktops and application streaming, has announced the addition of new EUC points of delivery (POD) in Pennsylvania and Amsterdam.  

Extending the company’s service capabilities, the Pennsylvania POD allows Dizzion to provide faster service delivery to customers with needs in the eastern United States, further enhancing the user experience of Dizzion’s high-performance virtual desktops.

Expanding upon Dizzion’s existing international presence in Central America and Asia Pacific, the new Amsterdam POD marks Dizzion’s entrance into the European market, and, according to the company, is a critical part of Dizzion’s business plan to enter new markets that present customer demand. The introduction of a POD in Amsterdam allows Dizzion to offer virtual end user computing solutions to customers with a presence in Europe while meeting the strict data residency requirements of the European Union and individual European countries.

In addition to faster servcie delivery, the two new PODs also offer Dizzion customers increased disaster recovery and business continuity solution options.

As organizations move more data into the cloud, data redundancy and disaster recovery is becoming increasingly important, noted Steve Prather, president, CEO, and co-founder of Dizzion. Amsterdam was selected as Dizzion’s first EU data center location because the regional technology infrastructure and data laws allow it to serve neighboring countries "with relative ease," said Robert Green, CEO and co-founder of Dizzion.

The Amsterdam and Pennsylvania POD locations join several existing data center locations in the United States, Central America and Asia Pacific.

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