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Developing search applications for big data

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Q-Sensei has released Version 2.0 of its application platform, which the company explains has been built to facilitate the development of search-based applications.

Q-Sensei Enterprise 2.0 employs ontology-based data processing, allowing developers to create applications by using existing RDF and OWL resources such as database models, industry or domain-specific ontologies, process definitions and project configurations, says the company. Additionally, reports Q-Sensei, such an approach allows blending of semantics, components and functionality across business applications and is said to improve the speed and efficiency of data processing and indexing.

The company adds Enterprise 2.0 provides semi-automatic, guided configuration to enable flexible integration of new data sources such as new social media sources, new data-intensive applications, etc. Version 2.0’s revamped API has been designed to integrate Q-Sensei technology into new or existing applications, the company says.

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