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Connecting users to knowledge

Text analytics provider TEMIS has made available its LuxidBar knowledge discovery service via free public download from its Web site. LuxidBar extends the benefits of content enrichment services to the user’s desktop and powers an enhanced, more productive navigation experience, the company claims.

LuxidBar was initially made available to TEMIS’ customers as a new gateway to the Luxid 5.2 Content Enrichment and Information Discovery Platform. The publicly available LuxidBar connects to a Luxid Content Enrichment Platform, hosted and maintained by TEMIS in the cloud. The platform performs a broad range of business and scientific entities extractions together with their semantic relationships.

LuxidBar is a lightweight component for Internet Explorer and Firefox that delivers four key features:

  • identifies and highlights key information within any Web page or document, enabling the user quickly to spot, read and navigate within the most relevant content;
  • inserts smart links on the fly within the text, enabling the user further to navigate and gather additional information in context;
  • displays information analytics dynamically to provide the user interactive graphical views of the document content; and
  • summarizes any webpage or document by displaying only key sentences explicitly referring to the user’s topic of interest.

LuxidBar is available for free download here.

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