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Broadening B2B bandwidth

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Business Commerce 6.0 and MarketMaker 6.0 have been added to BroadVision’s suite of B2B applications. The new software supports personalized B2B commerce sites, private and public exchanges and virtual demand networks.

BroadVision adds that the products provide a variety of pre-built JSP templates and workflows that are said to allow enterprises to configure and extend the applications quickly and easily, accelerating time to market and reducing system integration expenses.

The company adds that through role-, rule- and context-based personalization, dynamic page views and the ability to intelligently "push" information to users, businesses can create one-to-one relationships with a range of partners and customers. The software also supports wireless and call center technologies.

Additionally, BroadVision says, the new software offers enhanced system-to-system connectivity features that allow information exchange across a variety of trading networks. It further reports the applications allow XML-based communication with other systems through industry standards such as OAG, RosettaNet, EDI, OBI and other varieties of XML.

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