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Bonitasoft announces Bonita BPM 7

Bonitasoft has unveiled Bonita BPM 7, an end-to-end business process management-based application platform that enables developers to create process-based applications that can be adapted to business changes in real time. After nine months of development, the open source version of the platform is now available for download from the company.

Bonitasoft says its innovative approach of decoupling of business logic, data and user interfaces allows the adaptability and ability to change in real time. Maintenance and updates to user interfaces can be done independently from business workflow updates, and without taking the application offline. Further, Version 7 offers a new graphical Web-based, drag-and-drop UI designer to create personalized user interfaces.

The company highlights the following benefits of Bonita BPM 7:

  • developers can build applications faster, improving developer productivity;
  • developers can easily build what business really wants, and companies can maintain their applications easier and more affordably with live updates; and
  • development teams can empower their users with more accessible, engaging and usable applications, boosting competitive advantage.

Bonita BPM can already connect to nearly any third-party system, such as CRM and ERP systems. Bonita BPM 7 adds several more extensible frameworks, in addition to the existing connector builder, so developers can now also freely code their own graphical components and REST APIs.

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