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BancTec captures production grayscale

An integration between banking systems integrator and check transport manufacturer BancTec (Dallas, and Picture Elements (Boulder, CO, is bringing production scanner speed to grayscale imaging. BancTec plans to put the Picture Element image subsystem engine (ISE) imaging board into its entire line of transports and scanners.

The Picture Elements technology allows the creation of quality binary images from difficult documents without the need to rescan. Rather than discard the binary information following an initial scan, the technology retains that information in a compressed form until the image has been approved. Should an initial image be unacceptable, the retained information can provide another interpretation of the image, often avoiding the need for a second scan.

The ISE board, which features a daughterboard that can accommodate JPEG compression, will first go in BancTec's S-series scanners. Those scanners can process from 70 to 220 documents per minute and feature grayscale output, deskew, dynamic thresholding and a 500-document auto-feeder.

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