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Autonomy releases new rich media platform

Autonomy has introduced two new solutions, NewSocial 24x7 and MultiMedia Broadcast Monitoring. A new release of Virage MediaBin 8 has also been added to the platform.

Autonomy says NewSocial 24x7 and MultiMedia Broadcast Monitoring solutions provide in-depth, real-time media monitoring and analytics capabilities for all text, rich media voice and voice sources, in any language or format, including print, online, blogs, social media and broadcast news. The NewSocial 24x7 solution also enables marketers to gain real-time conceptual understanding of customer commentary on social media channels, allowing campaigns to be adjusted quickly, according to Autonomy.

Virage MediaBin 8 automatically forms a conceptual understanding of all rich media assets located in any internal or external repository, including images, audio and video files. Organizations can use the solution to quickly identify and leverage the most relevant human information for use in Web, video, print, social media, online advertising and mobile campaigns.

Virage MediaBin enables rich media assets to be tagged and classified automatically, regardless of format or language, then applies this information to deliver analytics, automatic categorization, summarization, concept clouds, dynamic content associations, content hyperlinking and automation of business processes and workflow.

Autonomy is an HP company.

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