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Autonomy goes anti-phishing

Autonomy’s Aungate division, which specializes in compliance, litigation and risk technology, has launched an anti-phishing module for its compliance solution. The new Phishing Detection Module is designed to be used by banks and other financial services institutions to detect and prevent malicious attempts to defraud customers using online banking services.

The module detects phishing attempts by monitoring text, picture and broadcast content, automatically understanding the content and cross-referencing a range of Internet sources in order to alert the enterprise in real time of fraudulent attempts to extort money, says Aungate.

Phishing is increasingly used to prey on and extort money from vulnerable computer users who use online banking facilities. These scams come in a variety of forms and are evolving regularly, such as e-mails that provide a link to a fraudulent site, inviting the recipient to enter personal details. They also pose a significant risk to large financial institutions by seriously compromising the credibility of their security precautions.

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