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Another boost for BI

LogiXML has released a significant enhancement to its Logi 8 Business Intelligence (BI).  Version 8.1 is said to deliver standard BI capabilities along with comprehensive corporate reporting and analysis, ad hoc reporting for non-technical users and other BI data services.

Among the key enhancements are:

  • interactive cell bar and color slider features that let users quickly visualize data in report columns on-the-fly, allowing users to see high and low ranges of values at a glance and to easily change the view;
  • more flexibility and usability in how report parameters appear when users run ad hoc reports;
  • polar/radar charts, useful for cyclical data comparisons, to augment the vast library of chart types in Logi 8;
  • detailed event logging;
  • full support for building and delivering reports on live data in Microsoft Word;
  • improvements to the Logi 8 export to Microsoft Excel feature, allowing users to export images, time and dates, as well as various formulas including totals;
  • drill-down and drill-through OLAP capabilities for users to further investigate results;
  • ability to easily select multiple OLAP dimensions and measures at once, as well as apply grouping to measures for easier viewing;
  • integration of Logi Ad Hoc Reporting with data from Logi Mart; and
  • centralized metadata change management that allows organizations to update and synchronize shared reporting objects in the Logi Ad Hoc Reporting metadata.

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