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Able WCM on demand

Clickability has unveiled its new On Demand WCM Platform and three new product packages tailored specifically for the company’s media and publishing customers, Fortune 500 enterprises and SMB clients.

The company claims its platform is the only end-to-end solution that enables non-technical users to create, manage, publish, deliver, measure and adapt Web sites easily and efficiently. Further, the company says, publishers and enterprise marketers can harness the real-time power of the Web, and are freed from relying on slow, costly and anti-green on-premise software.

Clickability's on demand WCM platform combines software as a service (SaaS) with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), so Clickability platform users are no longer dependent on resource and budget-strapped IT departments. Agile companies can now eliminate the need for costly hardware and other overhead, and instead leverage Clickability’s multi-tenancy, patent-pending IaaS solution. With just-in-time scalability, the IaaS solution "spike proofs" companies from brownouts during peak Web site usage, resulting in fast, dependable and consistent Web page delivery and performance—all the time, anytime, Clickability reports.

While all four components of the Clickability platform are best in class, the company says, the platform’s real power is unleashed with the combination and seamless integration of the components in parallel, resulting in reduced costs, increased revenues and more valuable brands.

The Clickability On Demand WCM Platform includes:

Infrastructure as a Service. The Clickability platform is backed by a comprehensive on demand infrastructure that includes hosting, security, data storage, service-level agreements (SLAs) and disaster recovery.

Implementation and Support as a Service. Clickability’s on-boarding process is supported by a legendary client services and customer support organization that has delivered more than 400 successful Web site deployments. Clickability’s branded Implementation Practice ensures that the platform is configured to customer needs, often moving from discovery to launch in a few short weeks.

Software as a Service. The SaaS component of the platform covers the entire Web content life cycle, and includes Content Management, Analytics, Email Newsletters, Site Search, Ad Server, Polls and Surveys, RSS/XML Syndication, Multilingual Support and Social Media.

Innovation as a Service. Based on the Clickability Platform Innovation Model (which includes shared customer best practices, benchmarking, code libraries and solution databases), customers can easily and quickly innovate on top of the platform.

The Clickability On Demand WCM Platform is available immediately in three editions: Express, Professional and Enterprise. A single code base across all editions creates a cost-effective upgrade path that scales with an organization’s growth, says the company.

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