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The beauty of IT

To L'Oreal, leadership in the beauty industry means providing its customers with the finest cosmetics and perfume, but the company also understands the value IT can play in helping it maintain its worldwide prominence.

L'Oreal's Taiwan branch recently implemented AXS-Link for SAP from Axs-One, a cross-application solution that proves SAP applications with archive and records management capabilities.

Arthur Cheng, IT manager of L'Oreal Taiwan, says, "The more our business grew, the more apparent it bcame that system capacity would soon reach storage space limitations and, more importantly, put our IT systems under pressure, preventing the organization from operating at optimum efficiency and productivity."

Because company officials recognized that performance levels and efficiency in core systems contribute to competitive advantage, they knew an archiving system was essential to dealing with database growth of 15 GB per month, resulting from 45 percent business growth in just one year. L'Oreal Taiwan had implemented SAP as a corporate application in 2001 and later chose AXS-Link for SAP to manage all its historic SAP content, including documents, data and images.

"We needed a solution that would allow us to continue using the SAP platform with maximum performance," Cheng says, "and we found that AXS-Link for SAP could meet both our business and technical requirements. Its open systems architecture and platform independence also mean that our investment is protected, should we decide to change operating platforms in the future."

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