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Teleradiology in Alaska

New technology implemented by Alaska Open Imaging Center (AOIC) will speed turnaround times on hundreds of radiology reports each day. AOIC operates a network of diagnostic imaging centers that serve Alaska physicians and residents.

Optio QuickRecord Suite will integrate with the center's picture archiving and communications system (PACS) to electronically capture, store and route radiology orders and scans throughout Alaska, according to a recent press release from Optio.

"We're excited because the technology will allow us to realize our goal of becoming a statewide teleradiology network for all Alaska physicians," says Jeff Kinion, CEO of AOIC. "With the automatic inbound and outbound faxing capability, we can dramatically reduce internal and external fax redundancy, and ultimately serve patients and physicians faster, more accurately and more securely. And, because we're licensing QuickRecord on a subscription basis with remote implementation and maintenance, the impact on our capital budgets is minimal."

The solution will also provide AOIC with an electronic library of administrative and clinical forms that can be generated on-demand and automatically populated with patient information. The system electronically stores and prints checks, bar-coded wristbands and labels, registration forms, discharge summaries, aftercare instructions and other documents, so caregivers can spend less time handling paperwork and more time with patients, according to Optio. An electronic signature capture capability secures patient and physician signatures to electronic forms without scanning.

"Our definitive product is the physician's report, and QuickRecord will enable us to expedite turnaround times," said Sam Korsmo, COO of AOIC. "Currently, we have 24-hour turnaround from the time a patient walks in to the time the referring physician receives the radiologist's report. We expect [the solution] to reduce this to a few hours. Shorter wait times for diagnoses and treatment add up to better healthcare and increased physician and patient satisfaction."

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