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Sage adopts cloud-based solution to bolster sales

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Sage North America is implementing a sales enablement system from SAVO Group to help its partners collaborate and sell more effectively.

Steven Cameron, senior VP of sales, mid-market ERP and CRM solutions, for Sage, says, “This partnership bolsters our continued investment in our channel partners to provide powerful tools and communications to best position and sell Sage solutions. With SAVO, our 1,300 partners across North America now have a cloud-based sales enablement tool that will keep them updated on such assets as marketing messages, customer success stories and winning sales playbooks.”

SAVO says that with its solution, Sage can:

  • save on ramping new partners and spend less time answering redundant field questions;
  • track real-time reporting to learn which partners are most engaged and adopting new products, messaging and materials;
  • expand its knowledgebase with feedback from outside partners;
  • ensure brand compliance by keeping partners updated on product messages and strategic initiatives;
  • provide co-branded materials that are marketing compliant and relevant to the appropriate stage of the sales cycle; and
  • quickly connect sellers to subject matter experts and other company resources.

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