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SNH customers and internal team find value in cloud collaboration

SNH (Smarter Not Harder), a company specializing in employee productivity and change, has turned to the Huddle cloud collaboration platform to streamline processes and enable its team to work more effectively. SNH will use the solution for its customer-facing training courses and across the broader organization.

Because of ongoing expansion, SNH wanted a collaboration tool that would work across all of its customer organizations no matter what size and ensure that systems and processes are as efficient as possible. The company had found its previous choice for course documentation storage to be difficult to use and overly complicated.

Esther Plumley, SNH office manager, says, “SNH runs many courses in parallel, and one client can have up to 100 staff on a program at any one time. We need rapid and simple template creation and duplication, the ability to hold files securely in whatever systems we use, the ability to restrict access and for everything related to each course or client to be easily accessible in one place.”

She continues, “Before selecting Huddle, we went through a thorough process, reviewing in depth the capabilities of eight available solutions. It was not a quick decision but once we saw what Huddle could do, it was an easy choice to make.”

With the solution, each SNH course is contained within its own area, so participants can securely access relevant information and see exactly where they are in their own timeline. SNH runs six or more events every day and while the structure is similar, they vary according to customer requirements. With the implementation of Huddle, document templates and specific tasks—of which there may be 40 or 50 per course—can be quickly duplicated across different courses and customers. Automatic reminders ensure all participants and instructors keep to the timescales, according to Huddle.

The SNH teams create project-specific workspaces where weekly calls are documented, e-mails drafted, online discussions stored, and documentation and presentations uploaded for comments and approval, Huddle reports.

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