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PBS gets a DAM upgrade

To offer its member stations access to high-quality media assets, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has chosen a new digital asset management solution, OpenText Media Management from OpenText.

Chris Contakes, PBS VP of information technology, says, “As a public media enterprise, managing and sharing an increasingly rich and complex universe of assets is a growing challenge. We were seeking an asset management system that could meet a broad range of needs. We were looking for a solution that would help us develop the ability for producers, member stations and PBS to create, distribute and exchange rich assets efficiently and effectively.”

During a 120-day pilot program, PBS was given access to OpenText Media Management, Managed File Transfer and its Process Suite solution for a limited number of internal users and outside producer and member stations.

With the solution, PBS can store and manage digital assets, manage workflow processes and track and deliver information. After the success of the pilot program, PBS will begin to expand the capabilities of the program, deploying it first across its internal teams and then with member stations.

“Being able to assign specific users to deliverables along with timelines and scope of work offered us complete visibility into our processes,” Contakes explains. “The OpenText system offers us a digital asset management solution to manage assets as deliverables with assignments and due dates in order to meet PBS's promotional and programming timelines.”

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