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It's a matter of semantics

Digital media company Corbis is using a business semantics management solution to help handle its growing volume of digital image, illustration and video assets. The Schemalogic Enterprise Suite will be used in conjunction with Corbis' Media Management offering to help customers more easily find the images, video or illustrations they need.

Corbis provides digital image licensing, including millions of images, illustrations and motion pictures for advertising, corporate marketing and editorial clients. With content coming from various sources, Corbis sought a solution that would provide consistent semantics, or tags, for the entire content library, SchemaLogic reports.

Stephen Gillett, VP of IT at Corbis, says, "With the growing volume of imagery, illustrations and motion footage available to the creators of print, online and broadcast advertising and media, it is important that we have a single model in place for managing, categorizing and searching our digital media assets. We expect (the solution) to help us to improve how easily our customers find the content they want, while helping us to more efficiently manage our current collections and integrate new content in the future."

SchemaLogic President and CEO Jeff Dirks says the solution offers Corbis an opportunity "to bring together internal experts, external contributors and partners to create a truly uniform vocabulary and terminology to tag digital content."

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