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Energetic e-discovery

An in-house e-discovery processing and review tool will help Chesapeake Energy analyze huge amounts of data and locate the specific documents it needs. The large natural gas company chose Attenex Patterns, an open software platform that enables firms to establish standardized procedures for the electronic discovery process and review.

“We selected the solution because it delivers the functionality we need today, and provides the flexibility to adapt to our evolving discovery needs,” says Mikki Tomlinson, litigation support lead for Chesapeake Energy. “We are integrating Attenex Patterns with the CT Summation litigation support application to really streamline and take control of the whole process.”

Attenex reports that more and more corporations are realizing that regulatory requests, compliance requirements, internal investigations and litigation support are recurring events, and that repeatable processes can be used to reduce the overall risk, cost and time associated with those activities.

Attenex says that its e-discovery platform provides the technical foundation on which corporations can integrate e-discovery into their overall data management strategy and keep control of the e-discovery process, even when discrete steps in the process are outsourced to law firms or service providers. The product’s visualization and concept mapping features help corporate legal departments and law firms more cost-effectively and accurately analyze documents to support the demands of investigations, regulatory compliance and litigation.

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