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E-mail headache relief

Transatlantic Reinsurance Company (TRC) is streamlining and automating the e-mail discovery and analysis process for its IT and legal departments. The firm has chosen Clearwell Email Intelligence Platform from Clearwell Systems  to analyze huge volumes of electronic correspondence that have strained the resources and time of those two departments. In the past, TRC staff had to spend countless hours manually searching through and reviewing the e-mail, incurring unnecessary costs and delays in the process.

"We spent so much time locating e-mails, we very nearly found ourselves short on time when it came to the more important job of analyzing the results," says Edward Kelley, the assistant general counsel at TRC. "[This solution] made a real, qualitative difference by giving us the insight and tools we need to quickly and effortlessly draw intelligent, accurate conclusions from a large stack of seemingly random messages."

The legal department now can seek specific e-mail threads without involving IT. Product features such as relevance ranking and linking messages into discussion threads were key to reducing the e-mail headache for TRC, Clearwell reports in a recent news release. The legal group also can view discussions, pinpoint when messages were sent and identify key contributors instantly, visually displaying who knew what and when.

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