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Digital concierge for polo lovers

To create a customized customer experience at its polo events throughout New Zealand, Heineken Urban Polo has selected a cloud platform that includes artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-powered intelligent bots.

Working with the Oracle Cloud Platform, Heineken Urban Polo provides a digital concierge on popular social platforms as well as key event information. Using a conversational bot accessed via Facebook Messenger, users can quickly find directions, onsite activity times (parades, DJ sessions, bar locations, etc.), match times, polo rules, player details and more, according to Oracle.

Simon Wilson, director of Heineken Urban Polo, says, “Oracle Cloud has significantly enhanced the customer experience through more personalized communication. Attendees can get all the information they want, when they want, through the messaging tools they’re already using. The digital concierge has been very well received and we are looking to continue testing as we expand the event series later this year.”

Oracle Intelligent Bots technology uses deep learning-based natural language understanding (NLU) to comprehend and determine the intent of user conversations. It can help Heineken Urban Polo process those conversations, integrate each with existing business application data and automatically respond within context. It also allows Heineken Urban Polo to directly contact customers and followers with important information in a personal, non-invasive way.

Heineken Urban Polo combines sport and music. The match is played on a significantly smaller playing field, bringing the game as close to spectators as possible, while also featuring musicians. It’s a four-game series played in various locations including Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington.

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