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Clarion calls for WCM

A manufacturer's 49 Web sites have been transformed from individually managed sites into a global deployment via a Web content management (WCM) solution.

The new system from Fatwire will ease Web site maintenance for Clarion, a global mobile electronics manufacturer, whose sites were previously handled by local teams using local content. The FatWire Content Server is expected to help Clarion gain better control of its Web content to offer a more consistent brand across its sites, and to better support each country's challenge of managing a growing Web presence.

"We needed to support our local countries in getting the right content online, and required an easy-to-use tool for corporate headquarters to ensure that global brand was being supported and represented well on our local sites," says Hiroyuki Fukumoto, who is with Clarion's advertising and brand strategy department. "Through Content Server's advanced capabilities for large-scale multilingual, multisite deployments, we are able to control our maintenance costs, attract new online visitors and strengthen the brand worldwide."

According to a press release from FatWire, Clarion chose its solution for its ability to centrally manage Web content for deployment in multiple languages across geographies. The system enables Clarion to deliver a uniform brand across countries and automate the whole process of managing the Web experience, including content authoring, site design, and content publishing and deployment, FatWire reports.

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