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The power of buzz

This article appears in the issue February 2006 [Volume 15, Issue 2]

Biz360 has formed a partnership with Feedster to develop BlogView, which will help marketing and communications professionals glean intelligence from the increasing volume of blog and Wiki content discussing their company, products, competitors and trends that affect their business.

BlogView will leverage Biz360's technologies to automate sentiment ratings and surface topics and influencers related to specific companies, products and trends. The new offering provides relevance by subject, which allows customers to create and act on specific role- or issue-based dashboards that can now present mainstream media and blogs in a single view.

Feedster will provide Biz360 with active blog feeds, so Biz360 can collect the content for text analysis. The partnership will allow Biz360 to identify and add new blog sources as they appear on the Internet. Biz360 is currently tracking over 15 million active sources, which include blogs and Wikis. Feedster has the ability to separate the postings of real value to marketers from things like slogs that are not real blogs.

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