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SiteCatalyst 13 from Omniture

This article appears in the issue November/December 2006, [Vol 15, Issue 10]

Omniture reports it has developed a new set of Web 2.0 business porcess optimization (BPO) tools designed to increase the productivity and effectiveness of online business professionals.

SiteCatalyst 13 has packaged best-practices expertise and technology for:

  • social networking--analyze the value and relevance of user-generated content,
  • blogs--measure their consumption and influence,
  • rich Internet applications (RIA)--quantify rich-media engagement and abandonment,
  • dynamic site search--provide visitors with self-optimizing search results, and
  • visitor interaction profiling--one-to-one targeting with complete user profiles.
SiteCatalyst 13 also includes the Online Business Administration Console, key features of which are:

  • fast and accurate creation, configuration and management of thousands of report suites, including pre-configured suite templates tailored for specific industries and site types;
  • management of user access and permissions for individuals, groups and functions by roles and entitlements;
  • support for the deployment and management of multiple currencies and languages;
  • automatic generation of data collection code by application type, including Web pages, wireless devices and RIA; and
  • open access to external provisioning systems through a Web services API and software developer kit to automate all administrative functionality.

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