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Siderean unveils new navigation server

This article appears in the issue July/August 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 7]

Siderean Software has introduced the Seamark Navigation Server, what it calls the first turnkey, enterprise-class navigation capability that permits users to "search the way they think" using a natural, intuitive process.

The company says the new system enables IT personnel to implement--often in a few minutes or hours--business applications that feature an aggregated, single point of access to widely varying, distributed sources of information, and a means for users to pinpoint precisely the information they are seeking in a few, quick steps.

The company says Seamark provides IT personnel and information architects with the means to identify specific information by easily integrating various data sources (both structured and unstructured from both inside and outside the enterprise) as a new, dynamic data collection that can be browsed, searched or queried. It then generates an immediately browsable application that enables users to pinpoint information within that collection that they seek to satisfy their business needs. The Web-ready, Seamark-generated application can be used as is; refined as necessary for look, feel or function; incorporated into a Web page; or linked to other applications as a Web service.

Siderean says that in a Seamark-generated application, users discover information in a manner that differs from the linear, keyword search processes. The company says that rather than page after page of keyword-driven lists, users are presented with an intuitive set of categories that represent different views of the data in the collection. Selecting the category that is most relevant to the information sought, the user can iteratively drill down into increasing levels of refinement.

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