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Recognition engines for document classification

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Cursive and machine-printed text recognition provider A2iA has released new versions of A2iA CheckReader and A2iA DocumentReader.

A2iA CheckReader 5.0 includes a range of new capabilities for foreign and U.S. checks and related payment documents.

A2iA DocumentReader 4.0 locates, captures and routes data from documents that are unstructured and can contain cursive handwriting or information in an unknown location, and includes the following features:

  • automatic detection of check boxes associated with a pre-defined set of labels;
  • automatic detection and recognition of Social Security numbers anywhere on a document;
  • barcode recognition, including auto-locate and auto-rotate;
  • improved transcription and keyword spotting for letters, including the header, address and body text;
  • name recognition through a custom vocabulary for an address interface; and
  • French phone number extraction on printed and handwritten pages.

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