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Putting KM into RM

This article appears in the issue October 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 9]

Hyperwave reports the latest version of its eRecords Suite combines records management with document and content management, collaboration and business process support. Meeting the legislated standards requirement of both the U.S. and U.K. governments, Version 2.0 integrates fully with Hyperwave's eKnowledge infrastructure.

The company says that eRecords 2.0 can scale to any number of users, volume of records, number of locations and any type of files through single or multiple servers and databases. Through the browser interface, eRecords gives users access to the declaration of records, disposal and retention, as well as to schedules and legal hold markers, thus enabling authentication, audit, security, search and retrieval functionality and storage of contextual metadata.

Other features include:

  • single sign-on for Windows NT/2000;
  • easy system integration through high standard support, e.g. servlets, COM, XML, WAP, WebDAV; and
  • fully integrated modules for enterprise workflow and document imaging.

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