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New tool for litigatorsCase

This article appears in the issue October 2007, [Vol 16, Issue 9]

Thomson West has announced Case Evaluator on Westlaw, a new research feature that returns only the desired results unique to each query. West is a business within Thomson.

Case Evaluator enables litigators to build a fact base representing the outcomes of comparable cases--including verdicts, awards, relevant medical and expert witness data, and other criteria--and then generate Westlaw reports that can help sharpen legal strategies for the matter at hand.

Thomson West further explains thtat Case Evaluator allows litigators to:

  • evaluate potential cases;
  • view verdict and settlement trends;
  • examine trial court motions and memoranda;
  • review appellate briefs, petitions and decisions;
  • use medical resources and illustrations; and
  • view analysis of experts included in verdicts and settlements, as well as excerpts of their testimony.

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