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Multisite management

Stellent has released Site Studio 7.5, the multisite Web content management component of its Universal Content Management system. The application provides a software infrastructure for developing and managing intranet sites and document/records management applications; supplier, distribution and customer extranets; localized Web sites; public micro-sites; and the delivery of content and services to portals and application servers.

Further, says the company, the new version addresses all users involved in multisite management--IT staff, developers, site designers, content contributors and content consumers. Stellent adds that its expanded feature set offers more flexibility and automation while ensuring a Web site's architecture, navigation and content remain intact and accurate as the site moves from one stage to another.

Stellent says V 7.5 enables companies to better handle sites throughout their life cycle by offering Web site project files managed as content items within Stellent Content Server. The company explains that the files store all information about a site, in XML format, in one place, facilitating quicker and easier movement of sites and more granular management and access to Web site information. A single-click, snapshot and restore functionality captures all pieces of a Web site in the Stellent system for backup and archiving purposes, enabling organizations to leverage full records and retention management capabilities for any site element or the entire site itself.

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