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More than elementary search

Intellext has developed Watson 2.0, context-driven search technology that proactively finds content from any online source and delivers it to computer users while they work.

In the new version, which is still in beta, Intellext (intelligence in context) has added a new side-pane user interface, a wizard that lets users choose which online information sources to search, integration with Google's Desktop Search and Search Appliance products, integration with HighBeam Research's online research engine, advanced search spam detection logic and content relevance analysis.

The side-pane user interface of Watson 2.0 peripherally shows computer users a snapshot of information that's the most relevant to what they are working on, so there is no need to type a URL or search term, determine which search term will yield the best information or even decide where to search. The software automatically checks its connected sources for the most relevant information based on the context of what the Watson user is working on. Search results are automatically and continuously compiled in Watson 2.0's side panel, so users can easily review relevant content without interrupting their work.

Watson 2.0 also contains an Information Source Wizard that enables users and enterprises to connect Watson with their preferred sources of information, be they premium news sites, corporate intranets, competitors' Web sites or paid research sources. Intellext says the source wizard enables users to "build their own search engine" by configuring Watson to match their information needs. For example, a user could configure Watson to search specifically for results from competitors' Web sites, or from a favorite publication.

XML-based Information Source Adapters can also be easily and quickly written to connect Watson to any enterprise search platform so companies can get the most out of information servers and resources, says the company, adding that users and advocates of Watson 2.0 will be able to upload their own Information Source Adapters to the Intellext Web site, making it easier for other Watson users to personalize their copies of Watson.

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