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More support for law firms

This article appears in the issue April 2007 [Volume 16, Issue 4]

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Open Text has announced new enhancements to its LegalKEY Practice Support Suite, designed to help law firms be more effective, efficient and compliant.

New features and capabilities include:

    E-mail management--Symantec Enterprise Vault Application Integration allows customers to more easily track and manage e-mails as official records to improve retention and discovery capabilities.

    LegalKEY docketing/calendaring--The latest version of the Critical Dates Management module includes features designed for both law firms and corporate legal departments.

    Enhanced metadata search--Users can now run much more granular searches of all of the metadata in the LegalKEY database, no matter in which product module it resides.

    Ethical walls with the LegalKEY SDK--The SDK development now offers law firms the ability to set up ethical walls from third-party applications such as New Business Intake to ensure client satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

    LegalKEY imaging agent--This enhanced offering enables customers to process large groups of images into LegalKEY as a batch process. Instead of scanning images on a one-by-one basis, firms can now mass-import images to LegalKEY.

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