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More ECM in the cloud from SpringCM

This article appears in the issue March 2011 (100 Companies) [Vol 20, Issue 3]

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SpringCM has introduced the latest release of its award-winning cloud enterprise content management platform. New features include enhanced e-forms and metadata functionality designed to enable easier and faster deployment of SpringCM for a variety of process automation, workflow and document management applications.

SpringCM says the new version:

  • ensures knowledge workers have the most current data and eliminates manual "picklist" maintenance with a new capability to manage picklist values from ERP, CRM and other systems;
  • reduces errors and exceptions due to improperly formatted data in e-forms with new field masks;
  • includes external content and Web sites and the ability to assign attributes and search on them with a new feature to store Web links or URLs;
  • eliminates file downloads and printing with enhanced online document viewing;
  • provides user interface enhancements based on customer usability research and metrics;
  • provides non-technical users with an easy way to define automated document and workflow applications through use of additional document rules.

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