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Mark Logic introduces new server

This article appears in the issue July/August 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 7]

Mark Logic has released the latest version of its XML content server. The company reports V 3.0 allows customers to integrate and repurpose content, implement custom publishing applications and create new content products from existing content.

Mark Logic says the list of features includes:

Automatic content conversion. In addition to loading XML "as is," MarkLogic Server 3.0 automatically converts common document formats including Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML into well formed XML without creating a DTD or XML schema.

Fast, scalable full text and XML search. New XML element query, improved XML proximity search and highlighting give MarkLogic Server 3.0 a complete full-text and XML search capability (including word, phrase, Boolean expression, wildcard, proximity, thesauri, spell checking and highlighting).

A content-processing framework. MarkLogic Server 3.0 enables organizations to create custom content-processing pipelines (trigger-based sequences of content processing steps) comprised of native XQuery statements and Web services-enabled external applications. (For example, the company says, a content processing pipeline might consist of these steps: A PDF version of a medical journal article is loaded and automatically converted to XML; the XML is sent via a standard Web services interface to an external application that extracts and returns all the medical terms; back in MarkLogic Server, the medical terms are tagged in the XML and an index of the terms is created and appended to the XML document; a searchable Web page is then rendered with the medical terms highlighted and linked to definitions. Similarly, another processing pipeline might combine the same source article with other related documents in a custom published edition with a full table of contents, cross references and a back of the book index.)

Expanded operating system and platform support. MarkLogic Server 3.0 offers new support for Red Hat Linux ES3 on AMD Opteron (64-bit) and Windows Server 2003 on x86 systems. MarkLogic Server also runs on Sun Solaris 8 and 9 on SPARC systems, Red Hat Linux ES3 on x86 systems and Windows 2000 on x86 systems.

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