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Lifesaving search

This article appears in the issue July/August 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 7]

Vivisimo has unveiled Velocity for Life Sciences (VLS). The company says VLS 4.2 is a search and discovery platform that includes meta-alerts, collaboration, document delivery and advanced reporting capabilities for improved knowledge sharing among functional groups across an enterprise.

Vivisimo further claims the new offering is the industry's first rapid-deployment, customizable enterprise search platform that combines dynamic clustering, search and metasearch into one solution, providing a single point of access for all internal and external information sources.

The company reports features include:

Meta-alerts. Velocity allows users to create alerts from multiple information sources from a single point of access.

Collaboration and exporting. Velocity users can export results into Endnote, Procite, Reference Manager, Documentum eRooms or e-mail reports in HTML or plain text format. It can also save reports as text, HTML or XML. Users can save their searches and return to the results at a later time.

Customizable reports. The reporting enables administrators to ask and answer critical business questions--for example, administrators can learn what "resources" (journals, feeds, etc.) are actually used and which should continue to be licensed. Administrators can also learn what keywords or phrases are found through the search application, and how and with what frequency users reformulate their queries.

LinkOut. Velocity incorporates the Entrez LinkOut feature providing full-text access to journals and databases that have been licensed by the organization.

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