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Interwoven unveils OpenDeploy 6

This article appears in the issue July/August 2004 [Volume 13, Issue 7]

Interwoven announces OpenDeploy 6, what it calls a significantly enhanced code and content deployment product that plays a vital role within Interwoven's integrated Enterprise Content Management Platform and Interwoven's Web Change Management Solution. OpenDeploy 6 removes the bottleneck associated with deploying and provisioning Web-based applications, and accelerates key IT governance initiatives by providing a clear line of sight between IT actions and business imperatives.

The company says its OpenDeploy 6 Distribution Server software gives IT operations managers an automated solution to streamline and secure all code and content deployment processes, while ensuring the accuracy and version management of sites and applications enterprise-wide. OpenDeploy 6 enables IT operations managers to quickly deliver incremental changes to an application, rather than re-deploying the entire application. The speed and accuracy of deployment provides the business with increased confidence and flexibility in their changes.Interwoven claims the features and benefits of OpenDeploy 6 include:

Enterprise scalability OpenDeploy 6 is said to simplify large-scale adoption via SNMP monitoring, timesaving deployment and server groups, as well as routed deployments across enterprise networks.

Integrated DataDeploy module. Unified distribution enables efficient synchronization of database content with other principal Web application assets, including code and unstructured content

Extensibility. New programmatic infrastructure and out-of-box adapters integrate arbitrary source repositories and target protocols and devices with OpenDeploy, thus broadening the range of supported touch points. A Web services-based interface enables incorporation of content distribution into a service-oriented architecture.

Intelligent delivery module. The new component exploits metadata as the basis for publication and expiration of content. Syndicated delivery is supported via an offer-subscription management layer built on the OpenDeploy foundation.

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