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Integrated Collaboration

This article appears in the issue January 2006 [Volume 15, Issue 1]

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SiteScape has unveiled Forum ZX, a complete collaboration platform that allows team members to share information both in real time and asynchronously.

The company explains that the Web-based product combines presence detection, instant messaging and voice and Web conferencing with the traditional asynchronous collaboration tools of document management, threaded discussions, calendar sharing and workflow.

Forum ZX enables users to instantly launch Web conferences, telephone conferences and instant messages in the context of a Forum document library, task, threaded discussion or workflow. Further, says SiteScape, the telephone, whiteboard and chat exchanges can be stored for future reference because users can record and play back online meetings.

Previously SiteScape sold its asynchronous product, SiteScape Forum, separately from its real-time collaboration product, Zon. SiteScape's standard collaboration product, without the real-time components, will now be called Forum ST.

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