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Hyperwave releases eLearning Suite

This article appears in the issue January 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 1]

Hyperwave has released eLearning Suite 2.0. The company explains that its seamless integration into the Hyperwave ECM infrastructure allows faster, decentralized course production, provides audiovisual support for course participants and a variety of statistical evaluations for ongoing content optimization.

Further, it says, the link to Hyperwave Content Management allows both the production of ad hoc courses from the central repository and integration of standard courses via the built-in SCORM 1.2 (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and AICC (Aviation Industry CBT Committee) interfaces. eLearning 2.0 also integrates with Hyperwave's eConferencing Suite, thus enabling both synchronous and asynchronous communication--from info-boards and chats, discussion forums and e-mail to a virtual classroom with audio/video conferencing and application sharing.

Hyperwave reports new features in the e-learning suite include:

  • administration of course dependencies, which supports the conception of structured courses for complex learning content;

  • an assessment function for course participants, which provides direct and detailed feedback on current learning content; and

  • the opportunity for course participants to produce a certificate for successfully completed courses based on their results.

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