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Hummingbird unveils Enterprise 2004

This article appears in the issue April 2004 (100 Companies) [Volume 13, Issue 4]

Hummingbird has released Enterprise 2004, the latest version of its enterprise content management solution. The company reports Enterprise 2004 will enable customers to create, manage, deliver and archive the content that drives business operations, from documents to e-mail, instant messages, Web pages, records and media.

Hummingbird lists the following enhancements to Enterprise 2004:

  • New workflow engine—Users can easily define, apply and reuse business logic across all components of the offering with graphical drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Integrated BI/query--Bridging both structured and unstructured business content by integrating BI/query into Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 creates an enterprisewide reporting platform consisting of 40 pre-built reports.

  • Rules-based server side solution—Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 captures, classifies and manages e-mail as a component of enterprise business content.

  • Extended functionality to mobile users.

  • Integrated, secure instant messaging—Secure messaging and presence management capabilities capture content in real time, to preserve and recall discussions and issues relating to collaborative initiatives.

  • Enhanced Web top client—Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 includes a Web top client that serves as a thin-client interface, delivering advanced portal capabilities, such as single sign on, dynamic views, application integration and support of the JSR 168 standard.

  • Performance and scalability improvements—Enhancements include a new distributed content caching module.

  • Integration with Microsoft desktop—Enterprise 2004 provides transparent access from the Microsoft desktop including existing and past versions of MS Outlook, MS Explorer and MS Office.

  • Pre-packed library consolidation templates—The new version enables moves from distributed to centralized deployments with improved ease and speed.

In other Hummingbird news, the company has formed a partnership with Recommind that will enable its customers to add Recommind's MindServer search and categorization capabilities into their own suite of information management solutions, enabling automated metadata enhancement and broad search across a range of information sources and locations.

Recommind says the MindServer platform provides easy-to-use search and categorization capabilities that reduce time and costs associated with organizing, finding and using textual information in documents, presentations, news articles, e-mails and Web pages.

Recommind will integrate with Hummingbird Enterprise 2004, an integrated suite of applications that includes enterprise portal, document management, records management, knowledge management, collaboration, business intelligence and data integration technologies.

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