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DAM it all

This article appears in the issue October 2003 [Volume 12, Issue 9]

In a move that significantly extends its digital asset management capabilities, Stellent has acquired Ancept. In combination with the Stellent Content Server, the Ancept Media Server will enable Stellent customers to seamlessly connect video content editing, management and reuse processes while allowing them to manage their digital assets in the same repository structure as the rest of their enterprise content.

Stellent says the acquisition enhances the existing digital asset management component of its Universal Content Management architecture, which also includes document management, collaboration, Web content management and records management functionalities. The Ancept's Media Server is a strong architectural fit with the Stellent technology and, upon integration, will be able to utilize the Stellent repository.

Stellent says the integrated offering will provide the following key features and benefits to its customers:

digital assets within same repository structure as other content-- enables customers to manage all of their enterprise content, including digital assets, within a scalable, extensible Universal Content Management architecture;

advanced video capabilities--allows Stellent customers to transition seamlessly between video content editing, management and reuse processes and provides plug-ins for all leading indexing and analysis products as well as advanced metadata support for emerging metadata standards;

content distribution--enables organizations to automatically distribute digital assets to users or applications for the purposes of education, point-of-sale marketing, or review and approval cycles; and

content modeling--allows companies to associate complex structures of digital assets, such as a feature film or publication constructed of many parts, in a logical fashion, while still providing important functions such as version control for individual parts or the entire structure.

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