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A new version of knowledge

This article appears in the issue July/August 2004 [Volume 13, Issue 7]

KnowledgeBase Solutions claims Version 4.0 of its hallmark software is the most feature-rich edition of, an application, the company says, that combines the document and knowledge management with search technology and customizable portals.

The company reports the most significant upgrades to include:

  • a more powerful self-learning search engine,
  • remote Web searching and indexing capabilities,
  • enhanced administrator user interface,
  • new customer-facing portal options,
  • .Net module for seamless integration, and
  • new reports (including a total cost of ownership report).

Pricing for Version 4.0: The Enterprise Edition begins at $60,000; the Professional Edition, for small and medium businesses, begins at $4,995; and the Hosted Edition begins at $200 per month. The .Net portal module is sold separately and costs $10,000.

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