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A breakthrough in analytics

This article appears in the issue May 2005 [Volume 14, Issue 5]

Endeca has launched a new data analysis solution built upon its information retrieval platform. The company describes Endeca Latitude as an intuitive way to access, discover and analyze business data with one simple set of tools, adding that it gives users the combined exploration, reporting and analytical capabilities previously only available to highly trained users, analysts and the IT department.

Endeca says the features and benefits of Latitude include:

Simple data integration--Pre-built content adapters enable data integration with the most popular database and content platforms, creating a single index of customer and business data from multiple information silos and simplifying and speeding application development and time to market.

Zero-training design--Web-based interface and simple search and browse capabilities accelerate adoption rates, eliminate training costs and allow companies to extend BI capabilities to larger audiences.

Interactive data access and analysis--Endeca Navigation Engine exposes all valid data attributes and exploration options, while eliminating dead-ends, allowing users to aggregate, arrange and navigate business data nearly instantaneously.

Self-service reporting--Ease of access and use empowers BI consumers to create their own custom reports and analyses.

Integration of structured data with unstructured enterprise and online content--Sophisticated enterprise search capabilities bridge unstructured online and enterprise content with structured data for comprehensive access to all relevant information and greater context around statistical analysis.

High performance and scale--Endeca Navigation Engine's meta-relational index provides sub-second, interactive performance on millions of records without the need for OLAP cubes, reducing administration costs related to databases and OLAP engines.

Reduced database licensing costs/risks--Endeca's Navigation Engine acts as a standalone server and thus does not put any load on the database server to answer queries; site licensing model removes costs and risks associated with typical seat-based licensing, allowing enterprises to extend Latitude applications to large number of users.

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