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Delivering Innovative Intranets That Work

[Transcript of a video interview with James Robertson, Founder & Managing Director, Step Two Designs, at the KMWorld 2015 conference. See the video at the bottom of this page.]

Q: How can we deliver intranets that work?

A: We're getting better and better at the fundamentals, at delivering intranets that work for staff, that deliver value. We're still innovating even on the things we've taken for granted, even on how we design intranets, and even how we deliver data.

Where I see the future is in two streams. First off, the design piece. I think "design" is a word that has really captured organizations, and externally facing customers there's been a lot of thinking about how to redesign what's delivered to customers.

Now we're starting to see that come internally within organizations, where there is now a concept that we should be designing the enterprise experience. I think as we start to look at that and as you start to say from a blank sheet of paper--"How can we do this better?"--then we start to push intranets out into the concept of the digital workplace.

This is a much more holistic experience. Hopefully, over time, we're delivering experiences that are more seamless, that are more intuitive, that are more effective for our staff.

This is great in the context of a conference like this, because it means that when we come back and present the awards next year--and next year there will be intranet and digital workplace awards--we're going to see even a broader range of collaboration and a whole new pile of ways of delivering stuff that delights staff, and delivering solutions that add real value. That's what I'm looking forward to.


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