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View From The Top: SafeHarbor Technology Corporation

This article appears in the issue March 2006 (100 Companies) [Volume 15, Issue 3]

Proven Knowledge Management and Multi-Channel Support Experts

Many organizations have invested millions to deploy CRM solutions,knowledge bases, and selfhelp technologies. Once installed, they become increasingly difficult to manage without transforming internal processes, examining productivity improvements, incorporating customer feedback, or aligning content across channels and business owners—increasing the time to a full return on investment.

For the past seven years, organizations of all sizes have come to rely upon SafeHabor Technology Corporation's Smart Support™ Solutions for an integrated customer support platform that includes: knowledge management, Web self-service, and multi-channel (phone, chat, email) support. These managed support services enable an understanding and optimization of the complete customer experience and improves customer service while lowering support costs.

SafeHarbor's unique approach to knowledge and content management optimizes and shares support information across channels and provides continuous change management, maintenance, and improvements. This ensures the ongoing consistency, accuracy, and relevancy of support content in each customer environment—resulting in increased self-service utilization.

Regardless of your organizations' size, industry, or knowledge management needs, SafeHarbor's proven SmartSupport Solutions offer comprehensive services to suit your particular business. In as few as ten weeks, SafeHarbor analyzes, designs, and delivers support solutions tailored to your requirements and provides the on-going analysis and content services to continuously transform the customer experience and reduce support costs.

SafeHarbor Technology Corporation
Office: 206.922.5000
Fax: 206.922.5022
Annette M. Jacobs Chairman & CEO

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