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Solutions in the Legal Industry: ZyLAB

This article appears in the issue February 2008 [Volume 17, Issue 2]

Take the mystery out of e-discovery! The intelligent ZyIMAGE eDiscovery Platform offers all the award-winning technology you need to perform e-discovery activities in-house, which saves you money and diminishes your risk. Since 1983, ZyLAB has worked alongside auditors and legal professionals to develop the award-winning technologies that are now available in the ZyIMAGE eDiscovery Platform. This intelligent and integrated document, content, and records management solution provides you automated capabilities for capturing, investigating, structuring, and disclosing information in an efficient and secure manner.

In addition to specific process functionality, relevancy modeling, and flexible content analytics, the ZyIMAGE eDiscovery Platform provides:

  • A complete solution to capture, find, analyze, structure and distribute data
  • The ability to perform large, time-critical investigations with less resources
  • Support for efficient and consistent reviews processes
  • A realistic, nuanced approach to finding specific information: ZyIMAGE finds what other systems cannot without getting bogged down in irrelevant information
  • A framework enabling controlled information sharing; optional redaction capabilities
  • A fine-tuned system that fully supports data protection and privacy regulations
  • Open, secure, long-term XML-based records archiving
  • Extensive auditing and reporting options
  • Full integration capabilities with Outlook and SharePoint
  • Efficient, knowledgeable professional service

ZyLAB North America LLC
7918 Jones Branch Drive
Suite 530
McLean, VA, 22102

Phone: 1.866.ZYLABNA (995.2262)

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